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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Local Journalist Bikes CA to WI - Follow the BikeWriter Here

Local journalist, Judy Steffes (Around the Bend/OnMilwaukee) is on a hiatus, doing the thing she loves most - biking.  I see she has a blog that posts her daily trek (more than one reason for the adventure as the pen continues to appear on the net...).

Follow along as she travels from California (LA) to Wisconsin this month.


Simi Valley

Made it to Simi Valley today... about 50 mi.
Getting out of LA was good. Challenging - but good. Much slower pace in Simi Valley.
74 and sunny
Found a church for tonight. Pastor Gary Stephenson at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran has given me the youth room.
Five couches to choose from. Sweet!
Tomorrow I'm exploring. Apparently the Ronald Reagan Library is seven miles away on the outskirts of town and have to climb over a hill to get there. Reagan apparently liked the view.

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