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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

But when we get behind closed doors - West Bend School Board - Part 2

Carlson continues on with a 2-minute dissertation on why Stepanski shouldn't be disagreeable on camera stating "I am very disappointed" and that he "needs warning" to discuss any opposition to the issues so the board can "come up with a compromise."

Stepanski's question "What kind of compromise?" to Carlson went unanswered.  Maybe we already know the answer to that one.

Carlson goes on to imply that Stepanski's actions make them appear to be a dysfunctional board.  Oh, and he said "I don't like surprises in my business, and I don't like surprises in situations like this."  So I guess it's about him then.

Sorry, Tim.  Took guts to do what you did, and thanks for trying!  


Anonymous said...

Keep fighting the good fight. It's because of people like you that I can hold my head high in public and proudly say that I am not nuts.

jathaa said...

It is about time someone stood up the the school board that is out of touch with the very public they are supposed to represent. There is a reason why Tim Stepanski recieved the majority of the votes during election time. Furthermore here is good reason why he will get re-elected when the time come. As for Joe and his crew,....lets just say I wouldn't recomemend them getting too comfortable as thier usfulness on the school board has long expired and now with Tim's help the voting population is not seeing that. Not to mention, the public is seeing Joe's true colors....his way or now way.

Tim is right to ask the question of "what comprimise?" as i am certain there wouldnt have been one either.

If is a shame this meeting has not recieved more coverage than it has. Maybe with this video the voting public will understand someone in elected office actually IS doing what he promised on his campaign! Thanks Tim! You certainly can count on my vote on the next election day...and who knows, maybe even running for election too.

Duchess said...

No offense, but I feel that y'all are taking the wrong approach, yeah in an ideal world it'd be great if kids would talk to their parents about all of this stuff, but sometimes they want to find out more before they have to have the awkward sex talk. As a 21yr old woman I can say that when I was younger I was curious about the changes in my body, and the urges, and it was embarrassing and NOT tempting to go ask your parents about! I am now 21yrs old in a healthy long term relationship, I have no STDs I've never had a pregnancy scare, and I'm also self-employed at my own retail shop. I can proudly say that reading a book never caused me to make bad choices, but i definitely made much more informed ones.

Now I don't expect you to read this with an open-mind or suddenly change your point of view. But consider this: If your children want to have sex, they will. If you oppress them and give them early curfews, what's to stop them from having sex during the day? Maybe they'd just skip school to do it?

Take opportunities to talk with your kids in a relaxed and friendly manner, the more rules and pressure you put on your kids, the more they'll feel the need to hide things from you and feel guilty about themselves, and this of course can often lead to teen suicide, which i've sadly already had to deal with twice in similar situations.

If you love them, Don't lose your children to something so easy to overcome.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Duchess, Your post seems to be misplaced/off topic, but it is appropriate, so letting it go this time. Please be sure to post your comments with the appropriate blog topics in the future. Thanks!

Not sure what early curfews have to do with anything, sorry.

We are simply talking about sexually-explicit books, not educational books with solid information in them.

Glad to hear you turned out so fine! :-D