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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eagle Forum / Kitty Werthmann / Nationalized Health Care / KEEP YOUR GUNS

Kitty Werthmann is an 83-year-old Holocaust survivor who is smart as a whip. She lent personal insight into the horrors of life under nationalized healthcare/education/religion, and how they got their through trickery by the government.  She warned that the CHURCHES are currently behind the movement to support socialized healthcare and are leading the way to our demise.  (Just Google Common Grounds and Saul Alinsky).

She said that people handed over the guns to the government and, had they known what was coming, they would have "fought the battle to the bloody end."  Her advice to America?

"Keep your guns, and buy MORE guns."

She warned that the "green" is the new "red", referring to environmentalist distraction tactics.

Lastly, she left us with this quote:

"When the people are scared of the government, that is tyranny.  When the government is scared of the people, that is liberty."

Amen, Kitty.

Kitty Werthmann, Holocaust Survivor

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