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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

West Bend Library Director Tyree slanders City Councilman Vrana at ACLU fundraiser

Overheard at the ACLU fundraiser in Madison tonight ~

Special guest speaker West Bend Library Director, Michael Tyree, was noting how the Common Council refused the reappointment of four library board members.  He then went on to discuss the fact the many of the City Council members did not own library cards.

Bringing up Alderman Terry Vrana, this is how Tyree characterized him:

 “he may be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library” 

West Bend needs to think twice about the character and integrity of a city employee who goes outside of the city in order to slander it's council members and verbally rape it's citizens.

Also in attendance, Mary Reilly-Kliss, Bob Deters and Maria Hanrahan.

A total of 21 were in attendance at the shindig.  


Unknown said...

Readers, please note that Ginny Maziarka was not in attendance at this event, so what she is reporting is coming to her secondhand. Michael mentioned that alderman Terry Vrana compared the library to a porn shop during a Common Council meeting. This was widely discussed in the community, referenced in a front page article in the Daily News, and you can even purchase a DVD copy of the meeting from the city. After mentioning this fact earlier at the ACLU event, Michael Tyree later said, tongue in cheek, "he may be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library." This comment was also made at a time when an event attendee asked a question about the newer library board members, and Tyree discussed how he had looked into whether or not the board candidates had library cards. (Mr. Vrana does not.)

slander it's council members and verbally rape it's citizens

That's quite an accusation from someone who wasn't even present.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Michael Tyree later said, tongue in cheek, "he may be familiar with porn shops, but he's not familiar with the library."

Thanks for confirming, Maria!

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

How do you KNOW Vrana has no library card? And how does Bob Deters KNOW that only 2 out of 8 city council members have no library card?

Isn't that confidential library information? Who told them that?

I wonder......

Unknown said...

I agree that this behavior is not appropriate. However, it is hardly recurring. We are all human and public employees and officials are no differenet. We all make mistakes and we all let our opinions get the better of us sometimes. Ginny how often in you life have you made a rude comment or remark about someone? Probably more than you realize. We all know you are continuously slandering Ms. Hanrahan, so you already have quite a few offenses on your end. Also, I bet your heart just leaped for joy when Joe Wilson yelled "you lie" when President Obama addressed Congress about health care. So don't criticize other people (much less without substantial evidence) when you have done the exact same thing.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Nice reflective post, Aaron. (I really do mean that.)

How do you know it is not recurring? Because you have not heard it or read it personally? You have to be sure that you aren't going on what you may not know. As for continuous slandering, let's just say the pot has been calling the kettle black.

Unknown said...

I was making that statement based on the information available, and the fact that Mr. Tyree is a respectable citizen. Now if he went to the media to slander Mr. Vrana openly and publicly that would be quite different wouldn't it?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Then, Aaron, you need to do some more investigating and reconsider your statement about slandering. Why would he need to go to the "media" to slander anyone? His slander was open at a public event. That is that.

Unknown said...

A public event which you did not attend, and are not aware of the cirumstances. And you can't prove that he continuously slanders people, and the evidence already suggests this was simply an honest, human mistake on his part.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

I am very well aware of the circumstances, whether I attended or not. Do you know what was said in entirety first hand, Aaron? If not, then surely you cannot comment with such assurance, unless you are simply taking Maria Hanrahan's word for it. Are you?

I can't prove it that he continually slanders people? Maybe, maybe not. Do you know that for sure? If so, how?

Unknown said...

I am indeed taking Ms. Hanrahan's word for it, as I know her to be an extremely trustworthy person. And let's agree to disagree on this matter, as you cannot prove Mr. Tyree continuously slanders people, and I cannot prove with certainty that he does not. Perhaps I just have a more optimistic and trusting view of people than you. (I don't mean that to be offensive, just as in a difference in personality).