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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Common Sense Citizens - New Grassroots group in West Bend

I was going to wait on posting until we had gone to some meetings, though we have been in contact with the organizer..... Owen beat me to it and I wholeheartedly agree with his statements.

Curtsy to Boots & Sabers.

The website for COMMON SENSE CITIZENS defines the group like this:

Who We Are:
We are a Grass Roots Group of “Regular Joe”, Common Sense, Taxpaying United States citizens that have decided to find the time to make an impact on the futures of our towns, cities, counties, states and country.

Our Mission:
To preserve, promote, and nurture the constitution at local, state and federal levels by educating the public on current and pending legislative policies, and to help constitutionally conservative individuals obtain and maintain political offices through fund raising and campaign assistance.

Our Core Values:
1. U.S. Constitution
2. Personal Responsibility
3. Morality
4. Integrity
5. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Our Goals:
1. To educate, and become more educated on current local, state and federal, political issues.
2. To seek out, promote, and elect constitutionally conservative individuals to office.
3. To return our cities, counties, states and country back to the tax paying citizens, one seat at a time.

HERE, HERE! (Huh! Morality... Imagine that!)


Aaron Drews said...

Just an observation: the last time we had "constitutionally conservative individuals" in charge, they started an unecessary war in a foreign country, completely ignored domestic issues, and the economy tanked. Just saying.

Call Me Mom said...

One is tempted to ask what part of Mr. Bush's administration led you to believe he was a Constitutional conservative? But then you didn't name names, so it's a moot point.