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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WIN (Wisconsinites Interests Now) organizing protest at Capitol TODAY

Received from WIN:

Wisconsinites Interests Now, sponsoring organization of the Recall Doyle Exploratory Committee, is announcing a protest in the Capitol Rotunda at noon on Tuesday, June 23rd.

Vince Schmuki said "WIN- Wisconsinites Interests Now, as the legitimate voice of the WI people, has a duty to provide a counterpoint to the pressure of the lobbyists and special interest groups seeking special legislative breaks and offering large campaign contributions in return. To this end, "we can not we must not and we will not" allow the conference committee sessions to go forward without a protest in the Capitol to take place on Tuesday 6/23 at 12 noon in the Rotunda area. The protest is to take place for approximately one hour and will feature a piggish theme that will highlight the low-life pigs that are posing as Legislators and gorging at the public trough of taxpayer money! And as we all know pigs get slaughtered -figuratively of course. In real life they will suffer the shame and disgrace of the Wisconsin recall process. Please join us for a colorful expose of the barnyard antics that pass for legitimate politics in Wisconsin!"

With an overall apporval rating of just 34% and a disapproval rating among independents of 69%, Jim Doyle is among the least popular Wisconsin governors of all time. After declaring "We should not -- we must not -- and I will not -- must raise taxes" - Doyle's tax, fee, and spending hikes in the 2009 budget have proved him unfit for office in the eyes of thousands across the state who are organizing to conduct a statewide recall.

Over 4,400 residents from 71 of 72 counties have signed up to help at RecallDoyle.com. Rallies and organizational meetings have been held in Green Bay, Chilton, Manitowoc, Oshkosh, Richfield, Menomonee Falls, and Milwaukee; and events are currently scheduled in Appleton, Fort Atkinson, La Crosse, and Waukesha.

Wisconsinites can join the Doyle Recall by logging on to www.recalldoyle.com, or calling 414-801-0800.

About Wisconsinites Interests Now:

Wisconsinites Interests Now (WIN) is a grassroots consortium of citizens from Wisconsin led by Vince Schmuki that periodically meets across the state. CRG has been working with WIN to launch a recall of Governor Jim Doyle.

Authorized and Paid for by Recall Doyle PAC, R. Radosevich, Treasurer

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