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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

West Bender comments on "Blog Wars"

Comment from GAWKER.com ( http://gawker.com/5292791/small+town-wisconsin-has-its-own-blog-wars-thank-you-very-much)

Note: Two parenthetical edits have been made due to explicit content of post. Please see link above for unedited comment.


2:56 PM Holy (explicit). I am a proud graduate of West Bend West High School (the other half of that picture...(explicit) the Suns) and the son of the Library Board President for West Bend. This raging local squabble has consumed my phone calls home for the last two months...seeing it on here is like some weird media warp into my inquiries as to the home front.

And while the locals are using the internets to get in each others proverbial faces...just try reading that on the online version of the local rag, The West Bend Daily News, which has online content for newspaper subscribers only. NYTimes take note! If it can work in small town Wisconsin, it can work for you!


Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Your links appear to be broken. The Gawker post is here, and that particular comment is here.

Kristina said...

Intesting that of all the posts there you the ones you had to edit? Why wold that be?