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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gay authors could be pawned to make statement to citizens of West Bend

Following the decision by the West Bend Library Board, consider the following invitational consideration and be concerned. Is the gay community being used (again)? We think so.

"Dennis Uhlig (of Fireside Books) is interested in have a couple who have authored a book about raising two gay sons come and spend a day in West Bend. He would like them to speak at preferably three different venues. This would take place around mid-July. The most important issue to Dennis is making sure that people would show up and that this is well advertised."

For more information on the book click here:


(Blog owners note: Book title is - Ready or Not...They’re Gay: Midwestern parents share personal story, tips for families of gay children)


Anonymous said...

Um...why have you copied a post of mine word for word onto your blog?

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Why are you belittling these authors? (There are two of them, despite the error in your post title). A local bookstore wants to invite a couple who have authored a book related to current issue within the community. They can either accept or decline that invitation. How are they being "pawned"?? They are grown adults capable of making decisions for themselves.

Your continued insults of those who disagree with you are becoming tiresome.

Elizabeth said...

Actually, this was not posted by gsaxpres. You posted it on your site, and added comments. gsaxpres posted the original information on another site and you copied it here. Maybe you should consider making it clear where the information came from.
On another note, I don't think this id going to "pawn" the author. I think it will bring valuable insite to parents of gay children, and parents of all children in general.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Song.... Really, it is because I can, so I do. And so can you.

CWBC/Song: If I were belittling these authors, I would have addressed them. Since I have not done that, it is a nonissue. This blog comment exposes the continued tactics of using the gay community to deceive the West Bend citizens. See http://wissup.blogspot.com/2009/04/hanrahan-uses-gay-platform-from-madison.html

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

As you can see, Bees, you are inaccurate about the post author. See the first comment on this page.

Secondly, I identified the commentary that was my own and made sure to highlight it in color separately.

The first sentence is linked to the source.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...

Ginny... Really, you don't have to directly address someone to belittle them. So, yes, it is an issue. You suggest that these authors are being "pawns" in some grand plan, and that is insulting to their intelligence.

Further, what deception is taking place here? A bookstore owner is inviting authors of a book about raising two gay sons to come and talk about it. That seems pretty clear. Who is being deceived, and what is the deception? Please explain that accusation.

And finally, it seems clear that Songbreese is the same person as gsaxpres, given the context of his/her comment, not to mention the fact that the two profile pages share the same icon.

Anonymous said...

But why did you feel the need to copy my exact post? (I'm gsaxpres btw) What is your point? It's a common practice, an author comes to share their book to promote/sell it and talk about its content.
In this case it is a husband and wife who have raised two gay sons. And they know perfectly well what they'd be coming to do. No one's trying to "pawn" them.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

I absolutely respect the authors for being brave enough to expose their personal life for the world to see.

CCWB, what does accepting or declining an invitation have to do with the subject? This is an off-topic post. Of course they are "grown adults capable of making decisions for themselves."

Please see my link to understand my commentary.


West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

gsaxpres: It would not have been appropriate for me to quote you by using my own words.

Anonymous said...

I just feel like you made a lot of people very confused(including myself, who was astonished to see my words on your blog and had to read through several times). You could just be like, "So I heard from this post [link] that there's this couple coming to West Bend to talk about a book they've written." And then you could continue with your diatribe on how they are being pawned and whatnot.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...


Perhaps you are unfamiliar with blogging. You will note that many times exact quotations are "lifted" off other Internet sites/blogs for direct quotes.

Anonymous said...

I've been blogging for four years.

I just feel like this one was especially confusing, as some of your posts in the past have been, when you just copy someone's work and then throw in your comments in red like you're editing it. When I quote people, I quote what's necessary for me to make my point, and post a link to the rest.
And it was only a suggestion to prevent you from creating more confusion. If you're going to insulting my intelligence, I'm going to leave.

Other Side said...

Yes they are -- but it is disengenuous to not clearly identify where the quote was borrowed from. Simply adding a link is not sufficient.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm done. Everyone can just use MLA citations for their blogs and we can stop bickering.

Concerned West Bend Citizen said...


1) You cannot claim a post is "off-topic" when you start it with the words "Following the decision by the West Bend Library Board..."

2) If you concede they are "grown adults capable of making their own decisions", then why do you feel they are being "pawned" into doing something?

3) You have yet to answer how the citizens of West Bend are being deceived by the invitation to these authors.

4) You've now added small quotation marks around the text you cut/past from Songbreese's original post from another website. That doesn't get you off the hook for bad blog etiquette.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Blog etiquette is not mandatory. I choose to have the freedom to write my blog as I like, despite your dismay over my choice of style. I enjoy writing as I please and am not bound by any particular lines that others may draw.

I added the quotations as a courtesy to gsaxpress. Thanks for noticing. It was so nice out today. Hope you had time to enjoy the sunshine and take a walk outside. It looks like rain tomorrow.

Eema-le said...

Using quotation marks and crediting the source are not just optional blog etiquette. Many bloggers copyright the text found on their blogs.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Very true, Eema.

Unknown said...

I'm so pleased you brought this book to my attention. It sounds absolutely wonderful and I'm going to recommend my local library buy multiple copies. Thanks for the tip! Very helpful!