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Monday, June 8, 2009

Doyle RECALL Prompted by This

It's no wonder there is a huge movement to recall Doyle. Everyone is fed up with the spending spree that continues to rage on.

A total of $1.2 billion in new taxes and fees were passed in 72 hours with out any public input in February by the Democrats (Act 2). We are now looking at $1.7 billion in even MORE new taxes and fees that were proposed by Governor Doyle in his budget (AB75). We have yet to know how many billions we are looking at with the Joint Finance Committee version.

In a matter of 6 months, the democrats are moving to increase spending, and raise taxes and fees in this state $3 billion! Aside from the taxes, the Democrats are GROWING government by 9% and creating new unprecedented policies that will forever change the face of Wisconsin.

The state of WI is facing a $6 billion shortfall. The democrats are plugging the hole in this budget with one-time stimulus money from the feds, increasing taxes and fees and very minimal reductions. They have crafted this budget largely in secret meetings behind closed doors with their special interests.

Budget Winners
WEAC, Choice Opponents, Sex Offenders, Felons, Illegal Aliens, Mass Transit Socialists, Trial Attorneys, Unio ns, State General “Slush” Fund, Welfare Recipients, Same-sex Couples, Domestic Partners, Planned Parenthood

Budget Losers
Parents, Children, Elderly, Car Owners, Insurance Agents, Businesses, Consumers, Public Safety, Lawful Gun Owners, Legal Drivers, Local Law Enforcement, Wisconsin Taxpayers, Unborn Children, Phone Users, Property Taxpayers, School Choice Kids, Local Governments, Internet Users, People with Garbage, Utility Customers, People with Mutual Funds, Hospital Patients, Nursing Home Residents, Grocery Shoppers, Farmers, DNR customers, Boat Owners, People Planning for Retirement

Taxes and Fees
Delays tax deductions for: health insurance premiums, medical care insurance premiums and child care expenses.
DOUBLES the garbage tax (tipping fee) – making WI’s the HIGHEST in the nation.
Utility Tax Hike - Increases utility bills by $9.1 million annually to give to low-income assistance.
Raises boat registration fees by 15% and creates a NEW $15 non-resident boat sticker.
Delays tax deductions for health insurance premiums, medical care insurance premiums and child care expenses.
Reduces funding from county and municipal aids by $30 million.
Provides for an allowable 3% levy increase for local governments.
Cigarette tax increase by ANOTHER 75cent a pack
Repeals the QEO – which will sky rocket property taxes
Cell phone, landline and fax machine tax increase - 75 cent monthly fee on voice and non-voice communication services.
Raises the capital gains tax.
Oil franchise fee (GAS TAX) that will be passed on to consumers (businesses, working families) at the pump.
Increases the gun registration fee
Raids the transportation fund again by $139.7 million
Extends Vehicle title fee that was set to expire in 2009.

Other places to read things about what is tucked into this budget:



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Stop it before it gets any uglier.

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