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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zebras & goats & piglets, oh MY!

I had to interrupt our regularly-scheduled conversations to comment on a particularly enjoyable side-track to life we experienced...

While in a get-away weekend with another couple who are friends of ours (of course!), we took the scenic drive to Boscobel along Highway 60. Though the colors have not exactly peaked yet, it is still gorgeous, as always, as the highway winds along the Wisconsin River and teased us with splotches of red here and there.

Passing through Spring Green, we noticed a large farm-like establishment with an enormous amount of produce out front, not to mention the most gigantic pumpkins I have EVER seen! Since we needed a bathroom call at about this time, we decided to investigate. We were pleasantly surprised!

Now, most people would, perhaps, not have been so amused, but we literally had the place to ourselves. I think that is what made the stop at PECK'S FARM MARKET so enjoyable in a child-like kind of way..! Everything was under the cover of mature trees and was very clean, well-kept and maintained, and even the bathroom was convenient to the zoo location!


The "Petting Zoo" (free) was not just your average "caged" animal. The zebra had a PVC pipe of large diameter, which hosted a feeding frenzy if you dropped a handful of corn (25 cents) through the opening into the cage. Mr. Zebra knew just what to do and we had fun sliding kernels through the pipe!

Next, the multitude of goats were equally well-versed in what to do! Ramps that went way HIGH above our heads provided us entertainment as we filled the "feed cup" and turned the pulley that hoisted it to the top of the collage of ramps. Billy Goat stood ever-so-proudly waiting for his treat, and we got quite a kick out of him, as well! Other things we experienced here...

Tiny piglets..
Chickens and ducks...
A llama...

APPLE CIDER SLUSHES for $1.00! (Absolutely delicious!)
FREE CANDY for visitors!

Hay rides were available (but we didn't have time).

TONS of produce!
The giant pumpkin was $250 (we decided against it, although "someone" thought it might be interesting to blow it up)!
Some craft items, but not too many,.......
Jams and jellies (I got cranberry jelly!)
All kinds of gourmet treats.
Fresh cider!
Apples from GAYS MILLS!

This treasure-find of a stop is PERFECT for families AND adults! We had a blast, the animals were hysterical, and the produce was amazing and reasonably priced! The staff was run by well-mannered young adults.

Put it on your list of places to go!

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