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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

School Board Controls Closed Circuit TV in West Bend?

The week of July 8th there was an onslaught of parents who requested that the HARASSMENT POLICY WRITING COMMITTEE MEETING be taped on July 14th.

Mike Ryan, the Coordinator, for West Bend Community Television, responded to the parents by letting them know that he could only provide this service if he had "someone available."

Ryan then forwarded all the requests from these parents on to Pat Herdrich, West Bend School District Superintendent.

The District Office's reply to Mike Ryan's forwarded requests was this:

"I see you're getting quite a few requests for videotaping Monday's meeting. A DECISION WILL BE MADE LATER THIS MORNING AND I'LL LET YOU KNOW THEN. If you receive any additional requests, please forward them."


Here are some questions..

WHO makes the decision as to whether the committee meeting gets taped? Obviously, the School District has SOMETHING to do with it.

WHY would the School District need to have all the emails from the requesting parents forwarded to them? What purpose does this serve? Interesting!

I smell television monopoly.

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