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Thursday, October 2, 2008

FELONS registering voters in Wisconsin???

Curtsy to "Texas Hold'em Blogger"..

The vote fraudsters at ACORN — the Association of Corrupted Organizations for Registration of Non-eligible voters — have been caught paying convicted felons to register voters in Wisconsin.

MADISON, Wis. (al-AP) — At least seven felons convicted of crimes including cocaine possession and robbery were recruited by a liberal group to register voters in Milwaukee, raising fears they may have committed voter fraud.

All seven were designated as special registration deputies, which allows them to solicit and keep voter registration applications before turning them in to local election officials.
Get a load of the statement from the ACORN representative quoted in the story:
We have a lot of folks with felony records and, frankly, they need jobs.


Excellent article and I fully agree with the thoughts presented here. This is an ILLEGAL ACTION and lends a fraudulent edge to Wisconsin's voting practices. ALL EYES SHOULD BE WIDE OPEN ON THIS.

(The only statement I don't agree with is the name-calling of felons as "lowlifes." I believe EVERYONE is redeemable. But..the law is the law.)

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