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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wayne, WI pastor disses Pastors with LEFT WING VIEWS

::::“I do not preach about specific a candidate from the pulpit. I think it’s thoroughly inappropriate and I would go so far as to say it is reprehensible for a pastor to do that,” said the Rev. Dan Schultz of Salem United Church of Christ in the town of Wayne.

Schultz is also the leader of an online community — streetprophet.com, where he clearly expresses his viewpoint — and the author of a chapter in Frederick Clarkson’s book “Dispatches from the Religious Left,” that was released Wednesday. He expresses his views in those forums. ::::


Here are my thoughts about this:

Check out Rev. S's website at http://www.streetprophets.com/

This guy obviously does not know how to apply Biblical Truth and is leading others to the pit right along with him. He claims himself a christian from the "Religious left".... (ick)

He states on his blog:

With our financial system teetering on the brink of collapse, Obama pulling away, McCain sputtering helplessly and Palin proving herself to be a complete and utter idiot, what progressive has time or inclination to worry about theocracy, much less religion in general? We live in weird and disconcerting times, but I really don't think the problem of faith is at the top of anybody's agenda.

Okay, perhaps Sam Harris. But as I've said before, f*** him. He's not a progressive, and he has utterly no power within the movement. P.Z. Myers is more of a liberal, but he'd probably be the first to tell you he's hardly an earth-shaker.

Democrats have perhaps the most religious-minded presidential candidate since, well, ever - if you measure by the outreach programs he's put in place. How at this late date can it be argued with a straight face that religious people are shut out of the progressive movement?

The article, written by Gay Griesbach of the WB News, went on to say this:

The Rev. Bruce Dunford, pastor at the First Baptist Church of West Bend, agreed. “I always endeavor to talk about biblical principles. You can’t separate the principles that guide our life from the rest of life,” he said. Dunford said if there is an occasion to flesh out biblical truths with a political comment he may use it, but seldom preaches political issues and never endorses candidates. “I encourage people to get out and vote, I encourage them to look into the position of a candidate and the character of the candidate and to look at the biblical principals that guide us.”

UM, GAY? If you read what you just wrote, Pastor Dunford did NOT agree. He said he NEVER ENDORSES A CANDIDATE (Pastor Emrich did not endorse a candidate), and that he SELDOM preaches political issues (which means he SOMETIMES DOES). Let's get the slant back to the middle again, OK?

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Anonymous said...

Good Grief - I didn't realize the UCC got that weird over the years -everyone in my family was confirmed at a UCC church (and our parents got married in a church that evolved into UCC, and most my siblings including me got married in a UCC church) & over the years all but one drifted away because of the political leftist leanings that seemed to be more important than the religious aspects of going to church.

Note that Obama's background is UCC.