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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Washington County - Town of Trenton - Say NO to Strip Club


Town of Trenton folks.

"A stage-to-ceiling dance pole has been installed at Player’s Pub & Grill. The manager of the establishment Boro Buzdum on Highway 33, in the town of Trenton has applied for the right to convert the business into a Gentleman’s Club with exotic dancers." 


Write, email OR call your town board:

Chairman Joe Gonnering @ 675-2681
Email: chairman@townoftrenton.info


Supv. Ed Doerr @ 675-6925
Email: supervisor.doerr@townoftrenton.info


Supv. John Norman 675-2479
Email: supervisor.norman@townoftrenton.info.


j.billoxo said...

What's wrong with a stripclub. What element does it attract that isnt already here. What it will bring is jobs, that's a good thing, no? It's not like your kids will be going there, every strip club is id only and strict. Every guy in the town probably looks at internet porn, even to people opposing it. So I don't understand what the fuss is about. That town is so behind the times, there is like 4 walgreens, 100 banks, the same old stuff keeps going up. Must be ran by some dense conservative bible humping old folks.

JW said...

There is nothing wrong with a strip club. However, I don't want it this close to my house. I live 2 miles north of Players and am NOT happy with what they want to do. Look these guys up. They are shady people. I'd rather see that strip mall torn down than see the Buzdums make a profit. I am sure Boro will have this one repossessed in a few years as well. He obviously can't run a business. I feel bad for the people that work for him. I hear they don't get paid on a regular schedule either, when they do their checks bounce. Sorry truth hurts.

Tonk said...

Protest Commerce State Bank, the landlord. Nice community bank, right.

Peoples Freedom said...

There is nothing wrong with as strip club as you point out. It's a matter of peoples choice. You could buy the building and tear it down. How would you feel if it was a GAY Club? I stopped in, and asked several employees if they ever not their recieved payroll, or if their payroll ever bounced, and if they were paid regularly. They all told me they were paid biweekly through paychecks, and never recieved a bounced check. I also inquired if their manager was Boro Buzdum, they replied yes, and they had nothing but good things to say about his compassion for his staff.
hearsay and gossip are viscoius and cheap you really should get your facts straight before you post such a deflamtion on one character. How would you feel if such attrocities were said with "hear say and gossip" about you? The club was professional during my few visits, and people men and women were there supporting it. I am a 50 year old women, with two sons and a husband, that has no problem with it evolving. Calling the Buzdums shady when I could not find information to support that, disturbs me.

j.billoxo said...

Good points I don't know buzdums, and if it was a gay club I wouldnt care, i just wouldnt step foot in it. If the strip club doesn't get approved then it would be put out farther and the locals would have to drive further possibly drunk. Might as well keep the money close, as any good business owner contributes to the community. I dont see this being any different.

Usually Informed said...

I love it when people say "not in my backyard" whenever strip joints are in question. Its not like the strippers are walking around the neighborhood without their clothes on, enticing your husbands or young children to do seeding things in the night. Good grief people! As a woman I feel safer in professionally run gentlemen's clubs as usually you don't have to deal with the slobering drunks hitting on you, with NO security or boundaries whatsoever. And furthermore, as it seems usually women are the most vocal about these establishments, there's usually only one reason why you don't like a gentlemen's club anywhere near you...because you don't trust your husband enough to be anywhere near them.

And finally, I've known the Buzdum family for a very long time. They are as good as they come. Most of them have families. They have employed THOUSANDS of people in this state over the years. They are tax paying, law abiding, stand up individuals who would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed it. You would be lucky to be able to call them boss or friend. Slander is ugly and usually dead wrong.