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Saturday, April 14, 2012

WEAC and DPI = Sexualization of Wisconsin's Schoolchildren

Time for concern.

If you are not aware of the campaign to sexualize minor children in some of Wisconsin's public schools, you might want to scroll through the items posted below such as:

1)  WEAC's $325,000 donation to Defeat the One Man-One Woman Traditional Marriage Amendment in 2006
2)  WEAC's support for Planned Parenthood's Sex Ed Mandate last Session
3)  WEAC's opposition to the Pro-Family/Parents' Rights bill this Session to repeal Planned Parenthood's Mandate
4)  Internal memos sent through the Capitol about what is happening at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction which is headed by Tony Evers.
5)  An email that was forwarded to us from a member of the American Family Association about an incident that took place in the Shawano School District
Taxpaying parents, are these the values you want taught to underage children with your tax dollars?

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