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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Washington County Budget Proposal On Line

Washington County Supervisor Mark McCune, Erin, a long time advocate of smaller government, has requested a levy reduction for 2012 of $1,000,000. McCune said, "I have gone on record several times outlining my belief that Government needs to shrink going forward, and I believe the County should start this next year with my proposed reductions."

A spokesperson for W-C3, Washington County Conservative Citizens, when asked for a comment on the proposed cuts, said he had not seen the specifics but "for 2011 Washington County has a $2.85 per thousand tax rate compared to Waukesha County is at $1.97 and Ozaukee County is at $1.74. $2,000,000 would be better."

For copies of Supervisor Mark McCune's budget proposal or additional comments or questions, the Supervisor may be contacted directly atwashsupervisor@nconnect.net or W-C3 at bill.meyers@w-c3.org or 262.628.2940.

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