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Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Killing Suspended Indefinitely in Rockford

As breaking news shows, things aren't so safe and legal at the abortion mill in Rockford, Illinois. According to the suspension notice released by the Illinois Department of Public Health on September 30, 2011, “the department had found conditions at the facility that are a direct threat to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

For folks that might not be aware, this stateline abortuary operates out of a multi-story abandoned old brick school. Tens of thousands of innocent children (including many Wisconsinites) have lost their lives at this facility.

MANY Wisconsin teenagers travel over the Wisconsin-Illinois border to have abortions to avoid Wisconsin's parental consent laws. In fact, the abortion mill referenced below has ads in the Yellow Pages of at least one stateline phonebook that highlights: * No Parental Consent, * No 24-Hour Waiting Period
ROCKFORD — The Illinois Department of Public Health has suspended the operating license for the Rockford abortion clinic.

The reasons for the suspension are outlined in a three-page notice, dated Sept. 29 and signed by Damon T. Arnold, the director of the state department.

According to the notice, the department “found conditions at (the Northern Illinois Women’s Center) that are directly threatening to the public interest, health, safety and welfare requiring immediate, emergency action.”

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Andrew Averill said...

This facility existed in shambles when abortion is legal, huh? Imagine what would happen if it's made illegal. Back to the alleys.

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

Babies will still die.

Call Me Mom said...

I'm about to read the full story. Please do not let it be a repeat of the Kermit Gosnall clinic. (sp?) That was so horrible, I find it difficult to believe that people would allow themselves to be treated that way.
Considering what I read in that report, a back alley would've been both cleaner and safer for the mothers, many of whom did not want to have abortions.