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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A View for the Fourth Fireworks in West Bend

I was glad this story appeared in the WBDN today. We have been sitting on this hill for the last 3-4 years and it is so much less congested than Riverside. The view is spectacular and you can see some of the ground fireworks, but honestly, it's the best place to be. I'm usually responsible for a giant batch of home-made popcorn (buttered, of course), plus napkins! My son and his wife/family arrive early and save us a place, though truthfully, there is so much room on this hill that everyone wins.

A good view of the rockets red, white and blue glare is free Monday night at the Fourth of July Celebration on the Hill behind the Senior Center in West Bend.

The Senior Center, 401 E. Washington St., is on the Washington County campus and while it’s a block north of the city’s Riverside Park, which hosts West Bend’s annual fireworks display, it’s higher elevation offers a good view of the aerial extravaganza.

“It’s directly behind our building,” said Karen Lewis, volunteer coordinator for the Senior Citizens Activities Inc., which operates the Senior Center in West Bend. “People can come here and sit on the hill and watch the fireworks. This is probably the fifth year we’ve done this.”

And it’s a viewing area where you won’t have to fight the crowd for a place to sit.

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