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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cedarburg's Strawberry Festival is Sweet

Spent Saturday strolling Strawberry Festival in Cedarburg. It certainly cannot be complained that attendance was anything less than impressive. The streets were overflowing with young and old, walkers and strollers, wheelchairs and wagons. The weather was more than cooperative at a warm mid-80-degree range. If you aren't in a hurry, the crowds won't be too intimidating. What I like about this festival is that the booths are juried, and whoever does the selecting finds the most unique and intriguing vendors. The jewelry artisans displayed enticing pieces that had women packing out the booth. I noted that feather-weaving in the hair was a popular (if not up and coming) fashion. Every few seconds there were wafts of brats, burgers, gyros, kettle corn (which we were informed can now be purchased at Sendik's) to entice the palate.

We settled on sharing a strawberry brat, only to be disappointed by the lack of flavor and mushy texture - our only disappointment of the event. We made up for it with a bag of kettle corn, my husband's favorite. :-)

There were some interesting bird feeders that were coconuts fashioned into fish. Artists showed impressive talents and it was eye candy just to stop and gaze at the different media offered throughout the festival streets.

I took a few pics just for fun.

Yes., please.

Self-explanatory. :-D

Everyone came out to enjoy this marvelous fest
on a delicious sunny summer day.

No Wisconsin festival would be complete without these...

The Greek food booth had the most amazing treats...
and lines of people ready to purchase.

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