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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cyclist Supports Local Pro-Life Cause

This. Is. Awesome.

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HARTFORD — The first thing Bill Savage is hoping for when he takes a fundraising bike ride from the steps of the state Capitol in Madison to the Hartford Pregnancy Help Center on July 13 is to raise a lot of money.


Laura Denk, executive director of the Hartford Pregnancy Help Center which will receive the proceeds from Savage’s ride this year, said she waited out Schimp and Savage even after sending volunteers home.


Together the two bike riders raised about $1,200 for the center, which was started by Don and Lois Ehley in 1993. Denk started with the organization about 11 years ago. The center runs on an annual budget of about $50,000 and has 22 volunteers.

HATA has unofficially adopted the pregnancy center as an organization it supports because it fits in well with the spirit of HATA, Savage said.

“They don’t use government money, taxpayer money,” Savage said. “They rely on donations and private sources.”

The center serves about 70 to 80 clients per month (78 last month) and offers counseling and classes for everything from miscarriage, newborn death, pregnancy, abortion recovery counseling for women and men, parenting classes to sexual integrity classes (purity and abstinence).

One thing the clinic doesn’t offer is abortion services.

“In the 11 years I’ve done it, I’ve seen so many women harmed by abortion,” Denk said. “We also counsel the men. It has always been our position that it is very harmful to the baby, but also to the mother and father.”

That mission appeals to Savage and other members of the conservative watchdog group.

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