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Thursday, August 27, 2009

West Bend Mayor member of "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"

Mayor Kristine Deiss proudly wears the badge.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Since its creation, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) has signed up a large number of committed anti-gun politicians to its ranks. It has also signed up some politicians who failed to realize the true anti-gun nature of MAIG. A number of those mayors have resigned their membership when they learned the truth.

This past week, yet another mayor, Village of Walton Hills, Ohio Mayor Marlene Anielski (R), has resigned her membership. Mayor Anielski informed the Buckeye Firearms Association of her decision, reporting that she had not realized the real agenda of MAIG. In fact, she reported, she and her husband are NRA life members!

With the ongoing effort by MAIG to mislead the public and even its own members on its true agenda, it is no surprise that some mayors are choosing to leave the group. How many more mayors don't know what MAIG is really all about?

All NRA members should ask: Is my mayor a member of MAIG? If you do not know, check the list here.

If your mayor is on the list, contact his or her office and politely let him or her know you are opposed to his or her membership in Mayor Bloomberg's radical anti-gun organization.

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Mayor Edward Monroe - Ashland, WI
Mayor Tom Kennedy - Beaver Dam, WI
Mayor Jeff R. Speaker - Brookfield, WI
Mayor Thomas M. Taylor - Franklin, WI
Mayor James Schmitt - Green Bay, WI
Mayor Dave Cieslewicz - Madison, WI
Mayor Tom Barrett - Milwaukee, WI
Mayor Thomas Ratzlaff - Park Falls, WI
Mayor Richard Johns - Rhinelander, WI (WAH?!?!?)
Mayor Al Richards - Saint Francis, WI
Mayor Andrew Halverson - Stevens Point, WI
Mayor Dave Ross - Superior, WI
Mayor Ronald J. Kruegerm - Watertown, WI
Mayor Larry Nelson - Waukesha, WI
Mayor Kristine M. Deiss - West Bend, WI


Kristina said...

Maybe I am not understanding and I'm not being sarcastic. Are you for or against the mayor being a member against illegal guns?

I will tell you and maybe I am anti-American but I am anti gun. I have seen (literally) kids gunned down in other states and seen the after math of gun violence.

If I am missing the point feel free to educate me.

Pedro said...

I don't see what the harm is in this. The group is called "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", not "Mayors Against Guns". Though admittedly I'm anti-gun (I shudder to think of stories of parents bringing children to gun shows, letting them try assault rifles, and having them riddled with bullets), I don't see any rights being infringed going on the title of that group. The name does not imply that they are exclusively anti-right-to-bear-arms. As a parent, I would be quite disheveled to find someone AGAINST such a stance. If your gun is legal, okay. But who wants to DEFEND those who have guns illegally? Those who own assault rifles without permits, those who own guns of any kind and are felons, those who may sell their guns to children or inner-city gangs for gang warfare. That's all I see here.

I hope I wouldn't be out of line in posting a link (FOXNEWS) to a news story on the incident I mentioned in sentence 3: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,444510,00.html .

Aaron Drews said...

On August 17th, President Obama visited Phoenix, Arizona to give a speech to veterans in the area. Protestors carried unconcealed assault rifles to the area in which the President was speaking. Arizona state law does not even regulate assault rifles, and permits for carrying concealed weapons are readily available. In this case the protestors were peaceful, but imagine if that had not been the case. Suppose they had become violent. They're guns would have been perfectly legal and authorities would not have been able to aprehend them until it was too late and many people had lost their lives.

Now take a look at the city of Milwaukee. Increasing gun violence there and in other urban regions of the Midwest is caused not by legal guns, as could have been the case in Arizona, but illegal, concealed weapons. I believe this in itself is an excellent reason for MAIG to exist and have a reasonable agenda (which you never really explained in the first case). And notice it is ILLEGAL guns. They're not trying to take away rifles used for hunting and are properly licensed.