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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Binkery being sold - Giant Head in window gets new home

For those of you who may be scratching their heads about the title to this post, here is the scoop. The Binkery is/was a local establishment that served up grub and potations, occupying a century-old house on the main drag of Washington Street in West Bend. The business is now closed and the house is up for sale. I was always amused by the whimsical artsy look to the place as the house was a cornflower blue and, of all things, had the most enormous face wedged into a small window on the top floor/attic that overlooked the parking lot and Wash. Street area. If you click on the link below and scroll down, you can see a picture of the actual head, which was auctioned off and won by a local resident for $10! Quite honestly, I found the giant paper-mache-style head in the window to be a bit disquieting. The house, itself, is strikingly gorgeous. The mascot, however, will not be missed by me. :-)

Curtsy to WB News.

"The head originally belonged to The Muffler Man, but some locals called it Billy because it looks just like the popular TV pitchman Billy Mays who loudly sold things like cleaning products, food choppers and Mighty Putty."


Anonymous said...

The Binkery is an odd place to visit. If you are not known, you are not welcome or at least that's what it seems.

Binkery said...

The Binkery building is not for sale as the current owners and operators of the business have purchased the building and will be physically moving the building to a purchased piece of property near the downtown district. The reopening is expected to fall sometime in March 2010 with a new facade, patio, interior, and more.

Marvin said...

8/30/10 The best thing that can happen to the Binkery now is FIRE PRACTICE. get rid of that ugly eye sore in West Bend!!!