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Friday, December 12, 2008

Thumbs down by community on Fitness Center

Well said....

In today's WB News:

I think it’s awesome that someone is able to donate $250,000 to a fitness center at the high schools. To have that money available and do something good with it is what humanitarianism is about. I have some concerns though.

The district came to us last year asking us to approve a $119 million referendum. This referendum did include this fitness center. It also included numerous maintenance issues that had been too long postponed, various improvements, even building new schools. According to Superintendent Pat Herdrich, Badger has already been cited for being non-handicapped accessible and is one of the schools with the most maintenance/improvements on the board. This referendum failed.

I attended the listening session held at the library after the referendum failed. I also participated in the work sessions to try to come up with another plan. I have attended some School Board meetings where improvements and new referendums were discussed.

I have a problem with building a facility onto schools that, we have been told, require improvements and maintenance. I have a problem discussing this kind of money for something that, while nice to have, is not a necessity in any economy. I would think that $250,000 could go a long way in providing some improvements or taking care of some maintenance issues that, according to the district, are pressing needs. To me, it’s like your roof is leaking. You win the lottery and choose to take a vacation to Tahiti, leaving the roof to continue leaking. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Nancy Leach, West Bend

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