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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kooky Cookie House - Capitol Court - Way back when...

I recently read this post from days gone by when Capitol Court was still in existence.


The pictures that were posted here renewed the childlike excitement I experienced with my siblings (all four of them) as we would take that special car trip from home (39th and Nash) to wait in the long line to get our glimpse of this make-believe candyland. We would brave cold and wind, snow or sleet. Mom would bundle us up with scarves, mittens and hoods tied tight around our faces. I recall getting to the entryway of the little house and seeing all the lights, colorful candy decorations and the sound of a hearty voice ho-ho-hoing from deep within. Once inside, the activity was extreme eye candy.... A mechanical gingerbread boy stirred and stirred his wooden spoon in a bubbling pot. Other animated cookie figures performed their culinary duties as children were mesmerized by the sights and sounds filling the petite confectionary. Santa's lap was thrilling, which was the grand finale of the experience..... Though the coloring paper and, best of all, the big, crispy, delicious gingerbread man cookie on the way out still remains delectable on my mind.... A wonderful, warm fuzzy from my Milwaukee upbringing...

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