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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Obama Paper Dolls - Really!

I was just in our local bookstore, browsing for Christmas gifts, when...lo and behold!

In the children's section, nonetheless, a large, punch-out paper doll booklet of YOURS TRULY!

Enter Mr. President-Elect Obama in his skivvies (Ok, they call 'em swim trunks, but my college-age daughter said EWWWWWW! so I am pretty sure they look like boxer briefs to the rest of the world).

Michelle Obama poses in her pretties.... tight capris and t-tank, while the daughters are waiting for warmer clothing upon purchase of this lovely gift and an adoring child who cannot wait to punch out their chic wardrobes. One of the girls looks oddly like she's flashing a gang sign. What is up with that? (Observed by someone else in the store...)

There's something really unnatural about this.

REALLY unnatural.

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