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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jackson Culvers gets a Kudo...

One can sporadically dine here and there throughout the West Bend/Jackson area, but sometimes there are certain things that we "think" that need to be "said."

I am tossing out a "kudo" to Jackson Culvers for a number of reasons:

1. Food is consistently good and of high quality.
2. Orders are brought promptly to your table.
3. VERY IMPORTANT: Bathrooms are ALWAYS clean. Never experienced otherwise.
4. Outdoor landscaping inviting and enjoyable for outdoor seating. Always CLEAN.
5. Tables are consistently and regularly wiped down and CLEAN. (Note my preference for this word?)
6. Overhead/background music for dining is pleasant and neutrally enjoyable.
7. You cannot possibly leave without one of their staff wishing you "Have a nice day" or saying "Thanks for stopping", even if you try to sneak past them! :-D

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