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Monday, September 22, 2008

Nursing shortage - Chemical Abortion/EC mandate won't help

If America is to solve its nurse shortage crisis, health-care leaders will have to figure out a way to keep people such as Nancy Burtis in the profession.

Burtis, 52, was an emergency room and surgical nurse in the Chicago area for almost 25 years. But after growing weary from the constant stress of the job — including forced overtime and extra shifts — and seeing peers in understaffed units suffering with backaches from lifting patients without help, Burtis left the profession six years ago for a research job in the suburbs with a pharmaceutical company.

“You were always running, trying to get everything done, always afraid you were missing something or forgetting something,” she said. “I don’t think anybody can work that hard for that long.”

A perfect storm of retiring baby boomers, an aging nurse population that’s leaving the profession and too few nursing instructors is setting up a health-care crisis. One report estimates that by 2020, there will be a staggering shortage of nurses — possibly more than 1 million vacancies.
States are trying to head off that shortage by helping colleges turn out more nurses and by improving their working conditions. But the question remains whether it’s enough to avert a crisis.


The country is expected to be short about 1 million nurses by 2020, the Health Resources and Services Administration reported four years ago. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 30 states had a shortage of nurses in 2000; by 2020, 44 are expected to face a shortage.

Nurses are leaving the profession in droves, largely because of retirement — the average age of a nurse is 47 — but also because of stressful working conditions.



I wonder...

I wonder why clergy and lay Christians are not speaking up.

I wonder if the Chemical Abortion Hospital Mandate are pushing nurses to "leave the profession in droves???"

I wonder if this shortage of caregivers will lead to wholesale acceptance of euthanasia?


I wonder why nobody is publicly calling for the repeal of the Medical Examining Board's "Emergency Contraceptive" Mandate?

I wonder why we are surprised?

Not every nurse wants to join the bottom-feeding abortion industry which in the past only attracted providers who didn't have the qualifications to find a real job.

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