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Monday, September 8, 2008


The 5th District in Wisconsin has a Republican Primary tomorrow.
Incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner is being challenged by college professor Jim


You can tell a lot about someone’s politics by who is supporting
them. Burkee is being heavily touted by John Torinus, a long-standing
“Country Club” Republican. He is also being supported by Tim Petersen, a
well-known Libertarian, and Bryan Kennedy, the liberal Democrat who ran against
Sensenbrenner in the past two cycles. These guys are fine men, but I
disagree with their politics.

- Speaking of Kennedy, Burkee has purchased his mailing list and is
sending mailings to that list. I also heard that Kennedy will be sending
an endorsement letter to that list.

- I spoke with Burkee’s campaign at some length. They
emphasize that they have a chance at this election because it will be a low turn
out election. For most of the 5th District, there isn’t anything else on
the ballot to get them to the polls. As such, Burkee is relying heavily on
independents and Democrats to turn out and hand him the election. At the
same time, Burkee is saying that he’s running to the right of Sensenbrenner and
is hoping to get Conservatives to vote for him. BUT, I haven’t seen Burkee
at a single Republican event all season. The Washington County Republican
brat fry was this weekend and he didn’t show. This tells me that he has no
intention of courting Republican votes (in a Republican primary). He’s
just going after liberals and moderates.

- I’m not sure that I trust what Burkee is saying about his
conservatism. Sure, he talks a good game and is very believable, but he’s
also apparently telling Torinus and Kennedy that he’s a
liberal-to-moderate. Torinus even wrote a whole column about
how moderate he is
. It seems that he’s telling people what they want
to hear.



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