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Saturday, June 21, 2008

West Bend School District "Out of Cash"???

Here is the response I received from the School Board President when challenged to table the new Harassment Policy and confront the State of Wisconsin with a declaratory judgment to change Wisconsin Administrative Code PI9:

"Thank you for your clear and specific language and request for us to consider as we take up our work on this important issue affecting our children in committee. We can now obtain some legal advice on this matter prior to considering your input.It is highly unlikely that we would legally challenge the state on this matter as you suggested. We are financially struggling to keep teachers, programs, and facility needs here. We would not pursue a potential costly matter such as this and risk further reductions in resources for our students educational offerings.You are welcome to attend and provide this and additional input to us in our committee work and at the board.Thanks Ginny, I know you and others have great passion on this matter and we will respect the work you have done as we consider other views from the community as we carry out our intent to create a safe learning environment for our students."

I think we should set up a brat stand and start fundraising! I'll bring the kraut! Anyone else in?

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