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Monday, June 30, 2008

My thoughts exactly...

Sent to WB School Board on 06/30/08:

I can't help but understand now why people don't bother to go to school board meetings or share thoughts and opinions with their elected officials. When one simply asks for what rightfully belongs to all people, and is REJECTED, as though that "opinion" is from a small "group.", one must wonder if the School Board believes the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution truly IS for everyone.

Yes, you have clearly committed to review the policy changes as I presented them. This is true. I have contacted Kathy Zarling and asked whether the attorney has given direction, and where the policy-writing was at to this date, and have not received a response. One would think that if our school district hired an attorney who is knowledgeable in legislative law, then the violations and infringements mentioned in the previous school board meeting will be exposed.

As for feedback from others, I am not aware of any, nor is the general public. No-one has spoken at any recent board meetings concerning this issue. The seats remain empty.

You stated "A group of 15-20 people who share their ideas on a matter does not mean that the 15,000+ other parents and taxpayers who elected the board and did not come to the meeting feel the same way as your group." So you are saying that not everyone believes in the First Amendment, nor feels that students should have the ability to exercise free speech?

You also stated, "We were elected to listen to everyone on both sides of an issue." May I respectively point out that there IS only ONE SIDE. The side of the Law and the Constitution of the United States.

One of your remarks was "I know you would want us to do the same if a different group with the exact extreme opposite view from yours came to us and wanted to impose their views into our policies." Isn't that exactly what is going on here? The policy has an "exact extreme opposite view from mine/ours." My "view", by the way, is not a "view" at all. It is a law. Since when are First Amendment rights considered only a "view?"

Though I do agree with you that you "must be careful what you choose to invest your time and resources into", I do NOT agree that this is a "small matter", as you have indicated in your previous email.

I realize that the State Administrative Code prevails and you are simply following protocol. However, there are areas of the new policy that need not be taken to the degree to which they have been written. I urge you to consider my prior recommendations, as well as those in this email.

I remain faithfully hopeful that out of the seven people representing our district and protecting our school children's rights, that at least ONE of you can see the light and expose the intentions of the State of Wisconsin Administrative Code PI-9.

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