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Sunday, June 29, 2008

MARK BELLING rings the bell!

West Bend school officials are putting the tax referendum that failed earlier this year right back on the ballot this November. As part of their effort to con voters into building more schools in a district with declining enrollment, they have a "survey" on their district Web site that attempts to find out why the first referendum failed. (ANSWER: The good people of West Bend think their taxes are high enough.)

So far this is par for the tax-hiking course. But as you wade through the survey, the school district asks a fascinating question. It demands to know which talk radio stations residents listen to! Answering the question isn’t optional. If you don’t check WISN, WTMJ, none of the above or something else, it keeps sending you back to the same page.

The West Bend school taxers are apparently upset that their pro-tax message is countered on talk shows like mine. That shouldn’t, however, justify a government poking into the private radio listening habits of taxpayers. Next, they’ll be demanding to know which books people are reading. The teachers, Tim Sheehy, now the West Bend School Board - people around here sure don’t like it if you get between them and their taxes. At least I’ve found my calling.


(PS - Thanks, Mark!)


Mpeterson said...

"Declining" enrollments in the school district? Interesting. This runs counter to everything I've heard or seen. Why do you think the district enrollments are declining when Washington County is project to grow by nearly 30,000 people over the next few years?


West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

If you visit the District website and check out projected facilities enrollment -
you will see that we have had declining enrollment since the 1994-95 school year. These are the District's publicized statistics, not mine. Therefore, if one would consider the "possibility" of four-year-old kindergarten, one could assume that we could jack those figures up comparatively and slide the scale upwards. If we simply follow the trend (using the FACTS), we can see the reality of the situation at hand.