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Friday, January 6, 2012


via WCRP:

Please join us as we gather again to stand with our great Governor Scott Walker (see details below). Same location as last time – south side of West Bend, corner of Paradise and Silverbrook (across from Texas Roadhouse). The recall people will be attempting to collect signatures at this location. They will also be at City Hall, so we may move some people over there depending on our turnout. Please bring your signs and donate a few hours to the Governor. I guarantee it will be fun!! Pass the word and bring some friends too. I’ll try to have some hot chocolate on hand for everybody. Please reply back or call me at the number below if you have any questions. Together we are making a difference for the Governor.

See you Saturday!!

Jim Geldreich, Chairman

Washington County GOP

(262) 707-6686


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Kewaskumite said...

I just don't understand why do you continue to support Scott Walker?

Our governor is beholden to big money interests. His entourage is enveloped in a miasma of scandal. His former lieutenant, Tim Russel, is being charged with embezzlement and is listed as a co-conspirator in case involving a 17 year old boy exposing his genitals.

Since the day he took office his policies have been disastrous for Wisconsin. Walker killed the high speed rail, forgoing federal funds which would have created jobs and improved our infrastructure in Wisconsin. He eliminated 36 civil service positions and replaced them with 35 positions appointed by him.

Walker slashed funding to schools, badger-care, and public sector workers. And while some of the money went to reduce our taxes much went to give money to corporations.