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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The "Scoop" on Washington County Elections

From Owen Robinson "Boots and Sabers":

"The filing deadline for local elections was yesterday. Here’re my quick takes on my local governments:

City of West Bend

All of the odd numbered districts are up this year. Districts 1, 3, and 5 have incumbents running unopposed. District 1 is conservative Tony Turner. District 3 is conservative Ed Duquaine. District 5 is moderate/liberal Alan Carter.

District 7’s incumbent was a liberal and she chose not to run for reelection. Running for the seat is a single candidate, Adam Williquette. Adam is a conservative.

So… the West Bend Common Council was a majority liberal/moderate board a few years ago with a liberalish mayor. Now 6 of the 8 seats and the mayor’s seat will be held by staunch conservatives. Not bad… not bad…

West Bend School Board

This slate is pretty disappointing. There are two seats up for election. One is currently held by a conservative, Tim Stepanski. The other is held by a liberal, Kris Beaver. Stepanski has chosen not to run for reelection. Beaver is.

Besides Beaver, three other candidates have filed to run. Carl Knepel is a younger guy who professes conservatism, but doesn’t have any track record. Therese Sizer is a staff attorney at West Bend Mutual and former teacher. I don’t know much about her except that she doesn’t travel in local conservative circles. The final candidate is Vinney Pheng. He ran last year and lost in the primary. He’s a solid conservative.

So what does it mean?"


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