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Thursday, May 19, 2011

GSA Roots go Deeeeeeeeep -----to Bullying and Sex

Well said.


There has been recent movement in the West Bend School District to allow the Gay/Straight Alliance school club status. (current clubs and school policy are listed below)

Since schools are part of our community, and citizens are compelled to fund them for educating the children of the community, I thought I’d do some research to find out more about the group that wants to be a school sanctioned club. Their website (found by doing a Google.com search) was the most logical place to begin. I was looking for compelling evidence that this group fits in with the educational goals of the local schools.

If the GSA is granted club status, they will have daily access to all children attending the schools. In the meeting on Monday May 9th they said they were a “support group” and that they did not support bullying in the schools.

Let’s take a look at what I found.


They call themselves an “activist group”. They want to “transform schools”.


This is from Wikipedia and explains what contemporary activism is:

Activism consists of intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, orenvironmental change. Activism can take a wide range of forms from writing letters to newspapers or politicians, political campaigning, economic activism such asboycotts or preferentially patronizing businesses, rallies, street marches, strikes, both sit-ins and hunger strikes.Some activists try to persuade people to change their behavior directly, rather than persuade governments to change laws. Thecooperative movement seeks to build new institutions which conform to cooperative principles, and generally does not lobby or protest politically.

In what ways do they intend to “change your school, transform your school?”

Listed are: activities, books, more about their “activist group”.


(some of the listed books are the highly controversial books recently opposed locally)

Several books are recommended on the GSA website. This is just one example of the offerings this school club recommends to kids.

From the report, The Legal Liability Associated with Homosexuality Education in Public Schools: http://www.ccv.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Legal_Liability_of_Homosexuality_Education1.pdf

the novel Rainbow Boys, three 17-year-old boys explore their homosexual attractions. Frequent themes include obtaining pornographic magazines18 and movies19, as well as graphic descriptions of masturbation20. The book features a scene where one of the teen boys has anal intercourse without a condom with a 29-year-old man he has just met via the Internet.

One event listed on their website is the annual “Pride March”.



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