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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SCHLOEMER Pushing for GSA as TAXPAYER-FUNDED Sex Club in West Bend Schools

Shana Schloemer (GLBTQ sex therapist out of Cedarburg), a resident of West Bend, has decided our schools need a Gay Straight Alliance club - and evidently wants the taxpayers to pay for it.

Schloemer, whose claim to fame is the Safe Space for Washington County (a refuge she proclaims to offer for homosexuals in the community), is putting out the word on her Facebook, as well as West Bend's CandlelightCollective's Facebook to organize a MOB to show up at the school board work session on Monday, as well as the school board meeting directly following where the GSA will have "their" attorney (evidently this would be Dan Patrykus - same guy that tried to get the Grothman thank-you card shut down) speak on "their" behalf. I'm sure he'll throw out scare tactics like "I'll sic the ACLU on you" and "I'll sue you for discrimination" or some other lefty flap.

Ah yes, the infamous West Bend attorneys. Deters, Fincke, and Patrykus (uses his law office as a recall center for Sen. Grothman). Not necessarily in that order, and not necessarily at one law firm. Just three oddballs on the liberal fringe.

Then we have KRISTIN PEKOLL getting in the act ( can't say I haven't been reminding you again and again of her agenda for our youth).

And, surprise, surprise- MICHAEL TYREE, West Bend's very own former library director. IMAGINE THAT.

West Bend School District's Kathy Zarling, Administrator of Pupil Services, has apparently rewritten the co-curricular policy to try to weasel this sex club into our schools.

Instead, maybe all co-curriculars should undergo some scrutiny. Perhaps, in light of the needs to trim the budget, we should only allow those clubs that have direct ties to the academics be funded by the taxpayers. All others can stand on their own as after-school and student-led. Really. They'll be okay. Promise.

Please mark your calendars for Monday, May 9th to support the West Bend High Schools Gay Straight Alliance being discussed before the Board Of Instruction! I will give time and location details later, but should be afternoon/evening. We need LOTS of support to get the GSA official club status. It is ILLEGAL and DISCRIMINATORY that it has been denied thus far.-Shana
April 27 at 5:01pm
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    • Kristin Pekoll I will be there
      April 27 at 5:18pm
    • Kat Kraft Thanks for the post. What time is the meeting?
      April 28 at 12:03pm


      CALLING ALL SUPPORTERS!! Please come to McLane Elementary on Monday, May 9 at 4:30p and again at 7p for School Board hearings on GSA getting club status. You do not need to speak, just be present as a show of support!!!
      23 hours ago
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        • Michael Tyree I'll try to get out of work in time so I can be there for all aspects of the "discussion."
          23 hours ago
        • Shana Dunn Schloemer We are actually planning to have ONLY our attorney speak. The opposing side who will show up will say all kinds of ridiculous, hate filled, homophobic things and hide it behind religion. We are not going to start a verbal assault. Just a peaceful show of support with our lawyer speaking so don't be surprised to not see any of us piping up. :)
          about an hour ago
        • Michael Tyree Thanks for the clarification. I'm just going to offer moral, emotional and spiritual support. Hatred hiding behind the veil of religion sickens me. There's a big difference between sanctified and sanctimonious, though that logic seems to be lost on many people in our community.
          about an hour ago


Unknown said...

this really seems defamatory, to call a student group supporting tolerance a sex club. in fact, that's very intolerant of you, ginny. why is this so problematic? would you be this upset if TAX-PAYER FUNDS were used for a school-based bible club?

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

"if TAX-PAYER FUNDS were used for a school-based bible club?"

Religious club should not be supported by taxpayer dollars. More appropriately, these clubs (as I stated regarding the GSA) should meet before/after school and be student-led.

Thanks for stopping in!

WI citizen said...

Totally agree with West Bend Citizen Advocate. Only use for taxpayer money should be for education of our children, K-12.