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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charter School Rejected in West Bend

I live-blogged the West Bend School Board meeting last night.  See prior posts.

Here is some eye-opening video that cuts to the heart of the matter.  Not really about the kids after all, is it?  Nah, didn't think so.

Bruce Dunford explains the survey he spent his own money out to get a feel for community interest.  He prefaces his explanation with a reminder that the survey is not scientific.  

School Board member, Kris Beaver says things are going too fast, and Supt. Pat Herdrich says admin. will not recommend charter.

Here you'll see School Board President Joe Carlson trying to shame and bully Board Member Randy Marquart.  Carlson did a lot of this last night....raising eyebrows in question, throwing hands up, nodding, posturing.  It was quite a performance.

I'm including this video for it's sheer lack of intelligent thought and coercive undertones.  Liberal board member Kris Beaver calls the proposed charter school as probably "the most expensive charter school" in the state of Wisconsin, yet Dunford has not even been allowed to go into negotiations to determine what is acceptable and workable with the District.  Could that be because the District doesn't want to work with Dunford?

Here is some disappointing video of local Catholic Schools (Cabrini, Holy Angels, St. Mary's and St. John's) all afraid of........losing their kids to the charter school?  They are worried about attendance dropping and losing money.  They voice no concern whatsoever to those who may want a choice other than the public school currently offered and cannot afford a private school.  I expected more, but got wayyyyyyyyy less.  Here is the so-called Christian leadership accusing a Christian of having Christianity in a school!  OMY!  Though untrue, it seems a bit skewed, does it not?

Dave Kellerman, Principal at St. John's Lutheran  School, afraid of another school that might teach...Christianity?  Afraid of the school "stealing" their kids.

Pastor Jim Dorth of St. John's Lutheran Church setting the tone for Christian leadership that is fearful of a public school option that will "steal kids" from the local parochial schools.  Wait a minute, don't parents choose where they want their kids to attend?  This is sounding more and more like the Target Olive Garden issue that was rejected in West Bend.

The next two I simply must separate out for some specific commentary.

Here is the principal from Holy Angels.  Now, in talking with quite a few former Holy Angel's parents, seems they had some, er, issues shall we say that concluded with a severe drop in enrollment recently.  Again, it's not really about the kids, is it?  

And then there's Jeff Haines.  The Reverend from Cabrini.  Good old Jeff.  Common Grounds Jeff.  Jeff, shouldn't you be robbing from the rich and giving to the poor?  Isn't that your philosophy?  Share with those who have not?  Yet you're bemoaning a nonexistent financial loss to your school.  The one that people can't afford, especially in these rough economic circumstances.  Are your Common Ground principles only convenient when you can pull in the proverbial collection plate dollar for your own agenda?  You don't have us fooled, Jeff.  You really don't.

Moving on to uber-liberal West Bend Public Schools Foundation chairman Mark Maley.  He calls the charter school proposal a "conspiracy."  LOL!  Sorry - I can't help myself.  LOLOLOL!  As a West Bend school district employee and one who is known for his adamant support of taxing to the MAX, I'm surprised and...confused??....by this new thought process from Mark.  It seems that garnering moolah from the taxpayers is only a good thing when it's something you approve of.  Now the table is turned and, well, you can watch for yourself.

I'll end with a couple of pro-charter school thoughts:



Alex said...

Good for the West Bend School Board for rejecting what appears to be a shoddy, not to mention unconstitutional plan. Good for the Catholic and Lutheran pastors and school administrators who understand that this plan would have been the very essence of government favoring one religion over another.

I wish Bruce Dunford well if he decides to start this school as a private school. However, this school as currently proposed should not receive one penny of tax dollars, and it sounds like it won't. Good.

Depending on how it was structured, I would consider supporting a plan that would give every parent a $25,000 voucher to send their student to the school of their choice, including religious schools. That way EVERYONE would have the choice, not just evangelicals.

Call Me Mom said...

I'm of two minds on the charter school issue. Having served on the governing board of a new charter school in my area for 4 years only to resign in disgust, I'm a strong proponent of homeschooling.

The charter on whose board I served started out with a truly revolutionary and visionary approach. Within 4 years it was hobbled by the same old bureaucratic nonsense (and the teachers union) into becoming the same old model as the regular schools.(or at least well on it's way there.)

That said, good. Maybe more parents in West Bend will homeschool.

DollB said...

Wow, thanks for the videos of the local parochial principals. What a sad state that is... what about brotherly love? Oh, yah, that's right, not where the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR is concerned. Shame on ALL of them for speaking out AGAINST Crossroads. You are right in saying that it's not about the kids at all... it's about their bottom line, the dollar. Disgusting. What has happened to West Bend??

nacho borealis said...

@Dollb Common sense is what happens. Facts and reality prevail once again, Hallelujah !