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Friday, November 12, 2010

American Flag Ousted by California School District

Believe it.

DENAIR, Calif., Nov. 11 (UPI) -- Officials in a California school district said a middle school student was told to take a U.S. flag off his bike to avoid "racial tension."
Denair Unified School District Superintendent Edward Parraz said Cody Alicea, 13, was told not to fly the U.S. flag from his bike while at Denair Middle School after complaints from other students, KCRA-TV, Sacramento, Calif., reported.


Alicea's parents said he flies the flag from his bike as a tribute to veterans in his family.
"He's got that flag on his bike because he's proud of where he comes from," Alicea's father, Robert Kisner, said.
Alicea folds up the flag and keeps it in his backpack while attend class, the TV station said.


Duane said...

This is where political correctness has taken us. This is our country, the country of its citizens and our presumed leaders(?). Very few of the latter apparently have no guts at all. The American flag is our symbol of Freedom. If others are offended to see our flag then they should just go sit in a corner, close their eyes, and then they would be doing the world a favor...that action would not offend me.

Unknown said...

I'd like to believe the school's statement, that this was necessitated to quell an immediate danger and they've dealt with the bullies that caused it (see link below). But in reading other news stories (not blogs) quoting school officials, I don't buy it. It was stupidly handled, period.

As with the "War on Christmas" claim that happens every time someone wrongly decides it has to be a "Holiday Tree", I don't take this as a sign of a crumbling, decadent society. Some people can't make decisions under pressure, don't know the law, or are dumb.