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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Robinson backs Kleefisch for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

And so do I.

Excellent column today.  Read it in it's entirety HERE.  Curtsy to Boots and Sabers.


 On the Republican side of the ticket there are three viable candidates; State Rep. Brett Davis, Superior Mayor Dave Ross and Rebecca Kleefisch. 

    Davis is the perceived front-runner being backed by most Republican insiders. That should be the first red flag. He’s been in the Assembly for years and has a mixed record. He voted for several of Gov. Doyle’s bloated budgets, including voting to raise taxes, increase spending, raid the Patients Compensation Fund (which was ruled unconstitutional), etc. He also has a record of several good votes, but when push came to shove, Davis has a poor record of standing by conservative values. 

    Ross has a good fiscal record as mayor of Superior. By all accounts he is an affable person with some common sense. There are two things that make me extremely wary of Ross. First, although he has now renounced it, he was one of a few Wisconsin mayors, including West Bend’s Kristine Deiss, who was a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Don’t be fooled by the name. This is a rabid anti-gun group headed by the likes of New York Mayor Bloomberg and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Ross’ membership in such a group doesn’t indicate a strong support of gun rights. 


    Finally, we get to Rebecca Kleefisch. She is a former television news anchor in the Milwaukee area and wife to a current Assemblyman who has a very strong conservative record. Kleefisch is known as a staunch conservative, but doesn’t have any elected record to back it up. She pitches her marketing background as an asset to advocate for Wisconsin business, but her ability to do so will be completely determined by the willingness of the governor to have her do that job instead of keeping it with existing state agencies. 

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