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Monday, November 30, 2009

Naughty and Nice List - What stores ban "Christmas"

This was just published by Liberty Counsel today.  Some stores refuse to recognize Christmas whatsoever.  Bah Humbug.

If you find a local store that openly celebrates Christmas, be sure to thank the manager!  Feel free to drop me a note, I'll add it to a local list!


 A.C. Moore – Web site: “Holiday Wishes From Us to You.” Report: 3 types of “Holiday” gift cards – when “Christmas” gift cards requested, store replied “We have to be politically correct.”
 Albertsons – Web site: “Holiday Solutions” without mention of “Christmas.”
 American Eagle – Web site: no mention of “Christmas.”
 American Girl – Web site: “joy to the girl” on home page. “Holiday” everywhere but no mention of “Christmas” except items named by manufacturers.


 Amazon.com – Web site: “Christmas Trees” and “Christmas” decorations.
 Barnes & Noble – Web site: “... free delivery by Christmas” on home page. Local stores play “Christmas” music.
 Bass Pro Shops – Web site: “Time Passes … Hold on to Christmas” and “Classic Christmas” section. “Christmas” music playing in stores.
 Bath and Body Works – Web site home page: “The Perfect Christmas…at Home,” “Spread Christmas Cheer with Holiday Home Fragrances” and “The Perfect Christmas Book.”
 Bed, Bath, and Beyond – Web site: “Christmas Décor” section and “Merry Christmas” gift cards.



SafeLibraries® said...

This year the famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade featured a Santa Claus who, for the first time, did not say "Merry Christmas." When asked why, the store said they haven't said it for decades. But John Gambling of local station WOR 710 AM broadcast years of proof that Santa said "Merry Christmas."

Unknown said...

Just because stores do not mention Christmas does not mean they are "naughty". Christmas is a Christian holiday that many religious and cultural groups do not recognize as the birth of Christ. The fact is that we have a diverse nation, and this winter season is no longer a strictly "Christmas" season. To many people, it is Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or simply a secular celebration. It's good marketing tactics not to specify Christmas, in order to market goods to a wider variety of people for one thing. Also, specifying Christmas excludes the holiday celebrations of other groups, which is wrong.