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Monday, January 5, 2009

Filing DeAdLiNe TUESDAY for two West Bend School Board Seats

The West Bend school board seats of Mike Weston and Kris Beaver are up for grabs and the FILING DEADLINE IS TOMORROW, TUESDAY, JANUARY 6.

The track records of these two board members has been one of spending and liberal policy-writing, spurning the cries of the voters they represent and the parents who had depended on their support.

Tragically, very little (if anything, as I have seen nothing personally) has been mentioned publicly about these two seats, or the filing deadline. No mention is made whatsoever on the West Bend School District website.

We need a school board with a backbone; one that has the superintendent working FOR them, not ABOVE them.

It's time to turn things around. We need fiscally and morally conservative representatives in our district.

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