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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Open Letter to Tammy Baldwin

Dear Tammy,

I regret (not really) to inform you that you do not represent me.  You will never represent me.  It's not that you don't want to, it's just that you can't.

You see, the time you spent as a Congresswoman in Wisconsin has left a legacy of values.  These are values that do not, cannot, and will not reflect my own, and this holds true for nearly half of all Wisconsin's families.   Your so-called "win" is actually the absolute disenfranchisement of nearly half of Wisconsin's voting citizens.

One thing you are -- is consistent.  For that, I commend you.  You make it very clear where you stand, what your values are, and who you represent.  It isn't me.  And it isn't nearly 50% of all of my fellow Wisconsinites or their families.

So when you give speeches that say you are representing me, know that I disagree, vehemently.  In fact, I would go so far as to say it is an outright falsehood.

You said, "I didn't run to make history."  I respectfully disagree.

You stated, "..and I am well aware that I will be the first openly gay member..." (3:45)

You did make history - you said so yourself.  Who you have sex with is your platform, and this you cannot deny no matter how many times you may insist it is not.  (Please don't make me list your GLBTQ involvements.)

You said, "Now, I know that many of the people listening to this speech tonight may not have voted for me. but I want you to know that I will stand up for you, and I ask you to work with me..."

My response to your request is one word - no.

You see, Tammy, I won't compromise what I believe in.  I won't allow someone who consistently takes a stand against those very core issues that built this nation to sing me a victory lullaby with promises that they cannot keep.  You are unable to "stand up for me."  You do not believe what I believe.  It's just not possible.  Your vow to do so is a misrepresentation - and a lie.

But thanks for the mention.


The Other Half
cc:  Mark Pocan

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Call Me Mom said...


And may I add: You voted for obamacare and said it didn't go far enough-you do not value the lives of your constituents.

You do not speak for me and do not expect me to "compromise" on ANY matters of principle, because I am well aware that such a thing is not a compromise, it is a loss for me and a gain for you. And, as I firmly believe that all that is left for your ilk to "work" on ARE matters of principle, you will receive no cooperation from me either.

May you be the first in WI to suffer from the implementation of obamacare-oh, but wait, as a member of congress(small "c" intentional)obamacare doesn't apply to you, but I'll bet it applies to your extended family.