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Monday, March 5, 2012

Verify the Recall Searchable Database to go *LIVE* Wednesday

From Verify the Recall:

Verify The Recall (VTR) has successfully tested a program that will become a publicly accessible, online, searchable database. VTR expects to publicly launch the program during the evening of Wednesday, March 7, 2012. Recall signature data from Wisconsin's gubernatorial and state senator recalls will be made available for public scrutiny. Data from the Lieutenant Governor recall will not be included in the initial launch. VTR's program will make public information (recall signature data) acquired from the GAB available to the public in a meaningful way.

Searches may be conducted using a first name, last name, street address, city, zip code, municipality, signature date, or any combination thereof. Copies of original recall petitions can also be viewed.

VTR will launch this program to help ensure the transparency and integrity of the recall process. Any individual who discovers the fraudulent use of their name, address, an underage child's name, or a deceased relative's name will be empowered to complete an affidavit contesting the fraudulent signature. All affidavits will accompany the gubernatorial and state senator recall signature eligibility reports submitted to the GAB by VTR.

VTR has taken the initiative to open lines of communication with organizations like the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Abuse to discuss privacy concerns for protected individuals. VTR continues to accept address redaction requests from individuals with "confidential voting status" as defined under Wisconsin Statute Section 6.47. Such requests must be received by VTR by March 7, 2012. Details of how address redaction requests can be made can be found atwww.VerifyTheRecall.com. VTR will not accept redaction requests from individuals without confidential voting status.

While VTR applauds any efforts taken to make the recall process as transparent as possible, it is important to clarify that VTR is not associated or in communication with any other organizations that may choose to launch their own publicly accessible, online, searchable databases. The official VTR program will be linked to VTR's website when it is launched.

VTR issues a special "thank you" to its thousands of data entry volunteers. It is due to the incredible efforts of VTR Volunteers in recent weeks that an online, searchable database is now possible.

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