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Friday, February 17, 2012

Vote JIM BECKER for Wsh. Cty Spvsr Dist. #2, oust 46 years of TENNIES

Owen has the full scoop on the District #2 Washington County Supervisor primary this coming Tuesday.  If you are in DISTRICT #2 (Owen has the map provided for you), get out the vote ON TUESDAY.

VOTE JIM BECKER.  Remove the good ole leftie boys' club by taking out Herb Tennies.

Time for a change.  A BIG change.

Curtsy, Boots and Sabers:

Yes, this is a tiny race, but it has huge impliactions for Washington County.
Current County Board Chairman Herb Tennies is trying to extend his current 46-year career as a county supervisor against a pair of challengers, David Krochalk, a former city alderman, and James (Jim) Becker Jr., a contract account manager with American TV & Appliance, Milwaukee, who is in his first run for elected office.
The primary will eliminate one candidate, while the two with the highest vote totals advance to the April 3 election.
Here’s the deal… Herb Tennies has been in office since before I was born and has come to treat the county board as his own personal feifdom. He’s the primary roadblock against reducing the size of the board (a 30-person board is nuts), killing the “temporary” sales tax, reducing spending, considering an elected county executive, and many other county reforms that will never see the light of day as long as Tennies sits in the big chair. His recent actions on the board in crushing opposition has led to his two challengers and has forced an extremely rare primary election for a county board seat.

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