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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Walker Administration Holding Hoodlums Accountable for Mess

Though the hoodlums, er, I mean, protesters/Recallers/thugs/slobs that have been defacing our State Capitol, leaving behind garbage, odors, food products, profanities, and bathroom facility unmentionables are angry over this decision, Walker's people have it right. As of December 16, if you make the mess, you get to clean it up or pay for those who will do it for you.

Hey, Recallers....OWN IT.

The Scott Walker Administration says it will tighten access to the Capitol starting December 16th, requiring permits and payment from protesters.


SafeLibraries® said...

And lets remember that a number of librarians were involved.

bill meyers said...

The rules do not ban spontaneous gatherings but do ask those that planning an event, no matter their political leanings, to show some responsibility for their actions. Biggest problem now will be getting the Capital police to do their job.