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Friday, July 22, 2011

A piece of Heaven in Fox Lake - Mullin's

If you're ever near Fox Lake and in need of some good eats, pass through, but don't pass BY this drive-in. Mullin's Drive-In is everything "old school," including superior car-hop service, pleasant employee interaction, great food/ice cream treats, root beer mugs, and a surprising bit of entertainment extraordinaire.

Our family has seen this corner restaurant over the years, but never had the pleasure (or proper timing) of dropping in for a bite; we sure missed out!

Mullin's car hops are youthful teen-through-college-age men and women that stand at the ready when patrons pull in. Customer service works like a well-oiled machine. Prompt, extremely courteous, and well-trained are adjectives that hardly do justice to the employees of Mullin's. The menu is brief, but broad enough to suit everyone's tastes. I had the sloppy joe, which tasted homemade and came piping hot in a basket. My daughter had an old-fashioned burger with the works and loved it. Onion ring and fry portions are generous here, and the sweet-tooth specialty is Schoep's fresh ice cream.

The parking is limited, so it's probably best to go just after the noon rush, or before the dinner hour. The property hosts a small park-like atmosphere with plush grass, mature trees, and picnic tables that include a thoughtful touch - a fly swatter for pest-free dining. :-)

Customers were kept amused by today's "bus boy" - a young man with calf muscles the size of a football who watchfully waited for picnic tables to clear, then dashed, I mean like REALLY RAN, to the table, grabbed off food baskets with trash, wiped down in 5 seconds, then dashed back to the shelter to dump trash and return. Each table was cleared in record time, and it was a rather comical surprise to unsuspecting diners.

The advertisement on-line boasts clean bathrooms, and they are absolutely spot on with that claim. All employees greeted customers both in cars and on the grounds with friendly hellos, and "thanks for coming", as well as "hope to see you again soon"...

If you're looking for low-cal, low-fat choices, this won't be the place for you. However, if you want a great flashback with the fam, I highly recommend this jewel of Fox Lake.

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