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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Waukesha County, now Richfield - Support Walker's Bill - PASS IT ON

The silent majority was heard the first time when they voted Walker in. Time to reinforce what we already said. Pass it on. Tell your community leaders to FOLLOW SUIT.

Kudos to our neighbors in Richfield!

RICHFIELD — The Village Board will take up a resolution Monday to support Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

“The village of Richfield has acted as a model for fiscal restraint in Washington County for many years,” said Richfield Administrator Joshua Schoemann. “In light of the state’s $3.6 billion budget deficit, the Village Board understands the need for immediate measures to be taken to permanently fix this shortfall.”

Richfield would be the first community in Washington County to take a stand one way or the other publicly on the controversial budget repair bill...


“Richfield taxpayers are very fiscally conservative on financial matters,” Richfield Village President John Jeffords said. “They voted for Gov. Walker in overwhelming numbers. The resolution is a way for the board to convey the Richfield taxpayers’ support to the governor.”


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