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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pro-Life Wisconsin Announces : Roundy's Apologizes for Gift to NARAL

Roundy's handled this well.

According to Pro-Life Wisconsin:

"Merely six days has passed since we posted the list of businesses sponsoring NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin‘s Roe v. Wade celebration, and five days has passed since we asked pro-lifers to contact Roundy’s/Copps regarding their sponsorship. Roundy’s is the corporate parent of Copps and is based in Milwaukee. We specifically targeted Roundy’s from NARAL’s list because it is a Wisconsin company, and a boycott of Roundy’s 155 stores would have the greatest impact.

We received official confirmation of Roundy’s official position regarding pro-life/pro-abortion donations:
Copps and Roundy’s Supermarkets have never made the decision to support either pro-choice or pro-life organizations, events or campaigns. We have left those decisions of support up to our individual customers and employees.

But we had to press further… what exactly transpired for Copps to be listed as a NARAL sponsor? What steps are being taken to ensure it didn’t happen again?

What we found out: Without authorization (since it is against corporate policy), a Copps store manager donated a $25 gift card to NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin for their event. Roundy’s acknowledged the donation should not have occurred. 


When Copps/Roundy’s admitted the donation was a single $25 gift card, we realized (yet again) how pathetic NARAL is. Their listing of corporate sponsors may look impressive, but $25 here and there certainly won’t prop up the abortion industry for long. Especially when pro-lifers make it known they will not shop somewhere that bankrolls abortion."

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