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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Citizen wants to know what gives with Fitness Center - asks CARLSON

Interesting.  Nice that St. Joe's wants to be the sugar daddy, but are they willing to pick up the tab for ongoing maintenance?  staff?  equipment replacement?  I'm thinkin' not.  This is definitely a taxpayer treat.

"Joe Carlson, School Board president, I have a question for you. A couple of years ago before I agreed to work on the referendum we spoke about the fitness center. You assured me that in no way would the district financially support it. You told me there was the grant for equipment and that the St. Joe’s Foundation was contributing $250,000 and that the athletic department was soliciting donations to make up the balance of what was needed to build this center. 

    What happened? How could a district that had to raise the tax levy to the maximum allowed in order to reduce programming cuts, a district that is anticipating another $2 million reduction in state aid next year, a district that discusses an operational referendum in order to operate, a district that is considering combining the twin high schools in order to save money, how could that district give $100,000 to the fitness center?"

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