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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Milwaukee and Madison Planned Parenthood Abortion Mills Next on the Hit List

The same group that caught the deception at the Appleton (un)Planned Parenthood killing facility has promised to produce more convicting evidence of PP propaganda soon.  Sure would be nice to see our tax dollars go buh-bye for this organization.  Hats off to Lila Rose.

Pat McIlheran writes about it HERE:

After Lila Rose posted undercover video of a Planned Parenthood abortion counselor covering up statutory rape, PBS pundit Bonnie Erbe groused online that the student doing the sting should be prosecuted for trespassing. Besides, said Erbe, since those opposing abortion will never win, "why don't they just go away?"
Yes, nothing to see here.

But of course there is, the latest being a sting by Rose's kids-with-cameras group, Live Action, at the Planned Parenthood abortuary in Appleton.

As Journal Sentinel community columnist Kathy Banaszak pointed out, such "counsel" - and it was all the counseling the ostensible customer got from Planned Parenthood - utterly fails in any ethical duty to inform a patient. It's a pitch, not advice, and it's based on demonstrable falsehoods about human development.
As Rose later put it to me, it's propaganda "trying to dehumanize that unborn child."

The reason this is publicly relevant is that it strikes directly at the claim by Planned Parenthood to be a neutral, reliable dispenser of information.


Rose, 21, and a college senior in Los Angeles, has been catching them for a couple of years now, getting Planned Parenthood clinics to say, on video, how to evade parental consent laws and other ethical niceties.As a result, the organization has fired staff in Indiana. Its taxpayer funding was cut off in Tennessee and threatened in California. Rose says her group picked Wisconsin because our law insists women be given accurate information. She says her group has more video forthcoming, showing misleading counsel in Milwaukee and Madison.

The Los Angeles Times labeled Rose's work "a new-media twist" for the pro-life cause. Now, by Internet, anyone can show video to the public, something that used to require a TV network.

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