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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poll on local WBKV website reveals community's voice

The community speaks.

Local radio station WBKV has added the question below to their poll. (Left-hand side of home page near the bottom.)

As of 8:20 a.m. today.

Select a Poll Question Below

Should sexually graphic material available now to ages 11-17 at the WB Public Library be re-classified for adults?

Yes, plain and simple


No, hopefully parents will do the regulating




(Vote on the referendum issue here, too!)


Anonymous said...

You need to update your poll results. I am happy to say the discrepancy between the two options has decreased and as of 6pm on Tuesday March 17, 27.27% think the parents should do the regulating and 72.73% think the books in question should be re-classified as adult.

However, what the poll does not address is who gets to determine what is "sexually graphic" and what isn't? Cindy and Jim Maziarka? And what makes them experts in this regard??

West Bend Citizen Advocate said...

The poll had been up for 24 hours. At that point, the local community had the opportunity to make it's voice heard after the interview was aired. Anything after that most likely are votes from "outsiders", people that have been posting and are from out of the area.

I agree with you in the fact that the statistics have changed to what you described.

Even so, 3/4 majority is hefty, and definitely a strong voice.

I will not be continually updating my blog with the stats. If people want to know the stats on a daily basis, they should visit the radio station site.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what makes you say that any votes after 24 hours are likely from outside the area. In my case, I am a local West Bend resident and did not hear your interview on WBKV until today when I listened to it on the station website, the day after you were on air, and that's when I learned of the poll and voted. I'm sure other residents are in the same boat.

I realize it would be a hassle to constantly post poll updates to your blog, but I suggest that posting them at all is misleading, as it is data that is constantly changing. (Even as I post this since a few hours ago, the poll has slightly changed in your favor.)

And I apologize, Ginny, for getting your first name wrong in my previous post. But I stress what I said earlier and in other posts to your blog.....who gets to determine what is inappropriate, "sexually graphic" or pornographic. You? If so, why? What makes you an expert on the subject? And I do strongly object to some of your blog posts which suggest the idea that the library is "promoting" homosexual material simply by having this "Out of the Closet" section. They have material about terrorism, anarchy, communism, adultery and many other subjects. Does this mean the library and/or librarians are promoting these things, too?

manders said...

Hahahaha. The funniest part is that this is a poll on a website for a country radio station (read: a mostly conservative listenership) AND that it's worded so as to encourage the majority choice. "HOPEFULLY" is the important word here. This is hardly a scientific study. Man. Have you ever read anything? Did you go to any school at all?